Celebrating Quichwa in Ossining

High School ESL teacher Barb Knowles has years of experience in the classroom, which might explain why she was able to perceive changing dynamics at Ossining High School. To the school administration's surprise, many of the immigrant students arriving to Ossining High School were raised with the Kichwa language, with less fluency in Spanish than some of their peers. With this new information, the fantastic teachers and staff are finding ways to help these students adjust and feel supported. In this spirit, Barb invited Elva Ambía, director Christine Mladic Janney, and Kichwa Hatari radio host Charlie Uruchima up to Ossining for a community screening of Runasimiwan Kawsay. After the film, students, teachers, staff, and community members participated in a multilingual conversation, sharing poignant questions and honest perspectives. Our special thanks to Barb and the remarkable students of Ossining High School for such a memorable event.
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Official Launch Party

Please join us for a most fantastic party! We'll be celebrating Living Quechua at the Meridian 23, located at 161 W 23rd St. NYC, on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, starting at 8:00pm (doors open at 7:30).


Tickets are $10.00 (online and at door)
Three raffle tickets with each entry
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Under the Lens, Latin America
Director Christine Mladic Janney appears on the Brian Lehrer television news program to discuss Living Quechua's participation in the "Immigrant Women: Sharing Our Voices Through Film" series organized by New York Women in Film and Television. The segment begins at 45:38.
The Brian Lehrer TV Show, March 11, 2015. CUNY TV.

Queens Film Series to Focus on Immigrant Experience of Women in New York City
A local news article announcing the first event of a new film series organized by New York Women in Film and Television. Living Quechua will be screened along with two other short documentaries.
Queens Courier, February 19, 2015. By Angy Altamirano.

Quechua Language Initiatives in New York City: the New York Quechua Initiative and Kichwa Hatari
A television news feature highlighting the outreach work of Elva Ambía Rebatta, Naomi Sturm, Christine Mladic Janney, and the New York Quechua Initiative, followed by an interview with Charlie Uruchima, one of the hosts of the radio program Kichwa Hatari.
Independent Sources, January 15, 2015. CUNY TV.

From The Inca Empire To The Empire State: This Director Traces The Journey Of The Quechua Language
An interview with Living Quechua Director Christine Mladic Janney.
Remezcla, October 23, 2014. By Nick MacWilliam.

By Using Language Rooted in Andes, Internet Show's Hosts Hope to Save It
An article capturing the first episode of the new radio program Kichwa Hatari—the first radio program in Kichwa in the US. Elva Ambía Rebatta participated as a guest in this first episode. New York Times, August 15, 2014. By Kirk Semple.

Reviving a Fading Language Called Quechua: A Former Teacher and Social Worker Is Trying to Save a Centuries-Old Language
Elva Ambía Rebatta is featured in this article for her Quechua outreach work, including participation in Living Quechua. Wall Street Journal, May 9, 2014. By Tanyanika Samuels.