Fundación Porvenir Perú

Fundación Porvenir Perú is a non-profit Swiss organization that provides support with aid projects to indigenous Andean communities that live in extreme poverty in Peru. Many families from the Peruvian Andes leave their rural lands to seek a better life in the cities, but unfortunately, it is common for them to encounter exploitation from people with greater social and economic power. The situation of these indigenous families thus often becomes even more difficult. Fundación Porvenir Perú seeks to prevent the rural exodus through support work for indigenous communities by developing sustainable aid projects with the active participation of their members in order for them to obtain self-sufficiency. Seeing an overlap in our missions to challenge the discrimination that Quechua-speakers face, Founder Ernesto Zulliger has generously supported Living Quechua. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a partnership, and hope to continue working together into the future.


Inkarayku is a Quechua word that means "because of the Incas." Led by founder Andres Jimenez, the group seeks to link the past, present and future of Andean arts, through the performance of indigenous music forms that have evolved into the contemporary mestizo music heard today. Inkarayku's sound blends the organic power of Quechua folk songs with the energy and edge unique to our City that never sleeps. The band's diverse line-up brings together a river of musical and artistic experience resulting in Andean folk music that transcends cultural boundaries and seamlessly shares the stage with other folk traditions of the Americas. Inkarayku appeared in the film, performing a folk song accompanied by the two Elvas, but their support of the project extends far beyond the frame. We are honored to have such talented friends.

New York Quechua Initiative

The New York Quechua Initiative is a grass-roots organization in New York City that promotes Quechua language programs and material development. The group puts on a regular event series called "Raymi Andino" at the Terraza 7 Café in Jackson Heights, Queens, as well as other free events for kids and adults throughout the boroughs. Members of the NYQI are involved in outreach efforts across the city, and are currently helping Elva to self-publish her first trilingual Quechua-Spanish-English children's book. The NYQI showed incredible support throughout the production of the film, we couldn't have done it without their friendship and generosity of spirit.